I’m working on 2 projects at the moment.

The first project involves elucidating the benthic community structure of along the Antarctic continental shelf utilizing benthic images obtained during research cruises along the western coast and around the peninsula.

The second involves examining the population genetics of Sterechinus, an endemic urchin. This project combines microsatellite data, mtDNA, and nuclear DNA analysis.


My Master’s Thesis involved the feeding behaviors of Hemimysis anomala which is a recent invasive mysid in the Great Lakes. In European lakes where H. anomala has been introduced, marked changes in zooplankton biodiversity have been observed. In an attempt to quantify the possible impact of H. anomala on the Great Lakes zooplankton community I looked at the functional response and preference of H. anomala for the native Great Lakes zooplankton .

Feeding Behaviors of Hemimysis anomala – IAGLR 2011 Poster (pdf)

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